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2021/9/24 10:30:06


Greg Paul and Ortho Development were featured in Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert's 2017 State of the State Address. See the excerpt below.

Click here to read the full official transcript on the Governor's site.

(Excerpt taken from the full official transript) —– Yes, there are challenges ahead. But we have a history of working together to accomplish what others say is too hard. Defying the odds to achieve greatness is part of our cultural DNA.

That quality is exemplified by Alpine resident and entrepreneur Greg Paul, the founder of the popular Momentum climbing gyms located in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and Lehi.

In 2003, when the doctor told Greg his knees were shot and advised him to take up croquet, he ignored the counsel and continued to dream the seemingly impossible dream to summit Mount Everest.

In 2008, Greg had his right knee replaced with an artificial knee system made by Draper-based Ortho Development.

His first attempt at Everest in 2012 ended when avalanches forced his team to cancel the climb.

Later that same year, Greg had his left knee replaced.

His second crack at Everest in 2014 fell short when a major avalanche killed more than a dozen people on the mountain.

Finally this last May, on his third attempt, confronted by severe weather, Greg’s climbing team paused just short of Everest’s summit, wondering whether to turn back once again.

Early on the morning of Friday the Thirteenth, Greg shrugged off all superstition, and seeing the weather improve over the summit, he took courage and he resumed the climb.

Accompanied only by his Sherpa guide, Greg ascended the summit, becoming the first American climber to conquer Everest in three years. And the first person ever to conquer Everest with artificial knees — high-tech replacements from Draper, Utah.

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